We've raised $ 138,770 in 20 hours. Join us April 21 for our next meeting!

100+ Women Who Care-Fairfield County, CT

Come Join Us!

Come Join Us!

Come Join Us!Come Join Us!Come Join Us!

A Few Simple Rules


· We each donate $100 per meeting (That comes out to just over $1 a day each year).


·We draw names from the hat for next quarter's meeting.  Each of the three charities selected from the hat will be given 5 minutes to make a presentation at the next meeting. The presentation and Q&A must be made by a member of the 100+ Women Who Care-Fairfield County, CT, who may or may not be a affiliated with the nonprofit.


· If you are unable to attend any given meeting during the year, please give your check to a member to deliver on your behalf, or mail your $100 check made out to the selected charity to: Beth Kisielius 56 Old Hwy, Wilton, CT 06897


· By ballot, the group will vote, and the majority rules. Even if you don’t care for the choice, you still must donate. All checks go to one charity. Only members in good standing are eligible to vote. Guests are not permitted to vote.


· No national charities will be considered, however, local branches of national charities are eligible for consideration. The purpose is for 100% of the contribution to stay in Fairfield County,CT


· Only three charities will be presented at each meeting. New nominations must be submitted & approved 48 hours before the next meeting.


· The organization must agree NOT to use the names for future solicitations, nor give the information out to the public.


· A year after being selected by the group, charities can re-submit their names for consideration.