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Our Q4 2018 Meeting


The Center for Sexual Assault nominated by Gayle Weinstein is the Q1 2019 recipient.

How the funds will be used


What the METOO movement has shown us is the need to expand our programming beyond the classroom, and create more programs open to the community at large. For example, in our suburban communities, we have been getting requests for programs for young adults and parents of young adults to discuss how to date in the #metoo era. Corporations want and need to go beyond the legal aspect of sexual harassment and learn ethical considerations. And community groups want to hear how they can help victims.

These funds with enable us to develop curriculum and help fund an educator to deliver the content. ~ Gayle Weinstein for The Center for Sexual Assault


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PLEASE SEND YOUR $100 CHECK MADE OUT TO:The Center for Sexual Assault

SPEAKERS AT JAN 22 Meeting at Pearl at Longshore

Women's Mentoring Network


 The mission of Women’s Mentoring Network (WMN) is to provide career, educational and personal resources that lead to the economic empowerment of low-income women and their families. 

Nominated by Lana Gifas


Circle Of Care


  Our mission is to provide immediate and ongoing peer support to families of children with cancer. Our programs are designed to provide families with everyday essentials to ease the burden of hospitalization, facilitate research and communication with family and friends, brighten a sick child's room, and generally support the family through the difficult days following a cancer diagnosis. 

Nominated by Liz Salguero


A Better Chance Westport


  ABC of Westport seeks to directly impact, on an annual basis, gifted minority students through 4 years of high school and a lifetime thereafter. It is our mission to provide academically gifted, educationally disadvantaged, and highly motivated minority youth an opportunity to live in our community and to study in Westport’s highly regarded Staples High School. We seek to increase the number of well-educated minority youth capable of assuming positions of responsibility and leadership in society. 

Nominated by Joanne Heller


Agency Comparision Sheet

Our speakers provide the following information to us before they speak on behalf of their favorite nonprofit. This is good information to read before the next meeting :      

  • Mission/Purpose
  •  How long providing services
  •  Annual Budget
  •  Public vs. Private Funding
  •  Whom the Organization Serves
  •  How will our donation be used
  •  Relationship to Agency

Master Agency Comparison Document- Jan2019 (docx)


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